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The Bridge
The Blind Owl (Authorized by The Sadegh Hedayat Foundation – First Translation into English Based on the Bombay Edition)
Sweet, Sweet, Stories, Some Sweeter than Others
JUXTAPOSITIONS: Nineteen Anachronistic Photographic Collages
Snow Sizzling in Soleil
The Man from Turkey
No Ballyhoo

l’Aleph German Edition ~ Deutsche Edition

Gesamtausgaben 1900-1950

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Die Vollendung des Königs Henri Quatre
In der Strafkolonie
Bauern, Bonzen und Bomben
Der Apparat der Liebe

l’Aleph Italian Edition ~ Edizione Italiana

Il banchiere assassinato

l’Aleph French Edition ~ Édition Française

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l’Aleph Spanish Edition ~ Edición en Español

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l’Aleph Swedish Edition ~ Svensk Utgåva

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