Maggie: A Girl of the Streets


Ida Börjel – –

“To face the question: situation, hierarchy,.To ask means to know and not to know.“ Ulf Karl Olov Nilsson writes o „SOND“, by Ida Börjel: „and indeed it seems to me that the first book by Ida Börjel euquals two books; she opposes one matter with another one. Seeking for its counterpart, makes quotations, makes statements, poses questions, and piece by piece, she presents to us, the segments of abrupt cognition and emotions both versus internal and external… There are two main arguments which let us believe that this book is a contradicting scientific project. First: poetry as exploration, reflection and investigation of poetry itself and as methodology, because one can only explore and find something which has itself already found to its own place. Second: poetry is liberation, and clearing as well. And writing poetry is a way to return a fragment of secrets and oblivion, embedded in the form of language. And these are the two types of science.„

Title: Sond
Author: Ida Börjel – –
Translated by: Robab Moheb –
Illustrated by: –
Language: Farsi
Imprint: IOPG
Series: –
ISBN13: 978-91-86131-22-7
ISBN10: 91-86131-22-2
Publication Date: 2008-10-01
Paperback Price: 41,71 – USD /28,95  – EUR /24,61  – GBP
Book Type: paperback
Page Count: 104

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