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Journey Back Home

Mauro Mevlud Martino – –

JOURNEY BACK HOME will appeal to those who find themselves always somewhat restless, even as their fireplaces roar with warmth and light, and with cup of coffee in hand and with inner feelings and inner thoughts sit in armchair and fashion out the journey that will deliver one to his true home. JOURNEY BACK HOME will appeal to all who would wish to pinch the final hole of the cocoon shut, surrender to that darkness and ultimate death within this cocoon, and unfold as something more beautiful; something ready to fly.

“Martino aims to illuminate men and women from within, to depict the conscious mind as the only expression of deeper human needs, the soul’s search for a more profound meaning in a spiritually arid world. He takes his reader on a mystical journey in a lifelike natural flow, which finally crystallizes in his ultimate message of the oneness of the human heart.” (Dr. Zeynep Apaydin, University of Marmara)

It is inside haqiqat that Frank, now known as Abdul Ghani, travels under the guidance of a Sufi teacher, in settings from Greece to America, to Canada and back to Turkey, back and forth, so that he can view the entirety of his life as previously understood, as a life that is known as biography, but a life that Sufis would deem as illusion. Along each encounter with his past life, Abdul Ghani’s Sufi teacher, his Master, allows him to disembark and live out a life at that juncture which would have been in accordance with his previously held notion as Frank of ‘once upon a time, they lived happily ever after’. However, because of his love and trust for his Master, because of his new faith in a new knowledge that he is learning and living, Abdul Ghani says ‘no’ to each invitation and instead asks that his Master continue the trip with him to its final destination…

Title: Journey Back Home
Author: Mauro Mevlud Martino – –
Translated by: –
Illustrated by: –
Language: English
Imprint: l’Aleph
Series: –
ISBN13: 978-91-7637-591-4
ISBN10: 91-7637-591-9
Publication Date: 2016-12-16
Paperback Price: 1 – USD /1  – EUR /1  – GBP
Book Type: paperback
Page Count: 364

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