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Coming Up for Air

George Orwell – –

Coming Up for Air is the seventh book by English writer George Orwell, published in 939 by Victor Gollancz. It was written between 1938 and 1939 while Orwell spent time recuperating from illness in French Morocco, mainly in Marrakesh. He delivered the completed manuscript to Victor Gollancz upon his return to London in March 1939. The story follows George Bowling, a 45-year old husband, father, and insurance salesman, who foresees World War II and attempts to recapture idyllic childhood innocence and escape his dreary life by returning to Lower Binfield, his birthplace. The novel is comical and pessimistic, with its view that speculative builders, commercialism, and capitalism are killing the best of rural England and the existence of new, external threats. Title: Coming Up for Air Author: George Orwell – – Translated by: – Illustrated by: – Language: English Imprint: Wisehouse Classics Series: George Orwell – 4 ISBN13: 978-91-7637-906-6 ISBN10: 91-7637-906-X Publication Date: 2021-01-01 Paperback Price: 1 – USD /1  – EUR /1  – GBP Book Type: paperback Page Count: 196
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