Maggie: A Girl of the Streets

àz zehdâne mâdàràm tâ bâbe tàmsilât

Robab Moheb – –

Resume: The title of the book ‘from the uterus of my mother to the subject of allegories’ articulates the ‘book’ itself. With the preface ‘a letter to my mother’, Moheb draws her inner journey from nought to nought. This, her journey is not just a tour of gentility and weariness. Moreover, she dives into her daily experiences, into mirrors, that talk nonsense. And a mirror is nothing else than a satiric image of its surrounding world. “In the mirror I look great. Otherwise there is no weariness. /…/ when you look great in mirrors, that talk nonsense, your feet feel avaricious on the austere earth.” In her poetic journey, Moheb constructs a lyric language of irony, cynism and satyr, to express her philosophical comprehension of existence and the ether of existence. She is a master of synchronisation and harmonisation of the introvert and extrovert dimensions in order to balance the flow of words towards visioning poetry. She accepts to be wounded. But she also wounds. She asks, but she does not find to answers. She talks to her shadow that hangs like a cobweb from the roof of her chamber, catches her thoughts. She feels fulfilled and void but she feels free and maudlin neither fulfilled nor void –to be and not to be. To be or not to be, there is no difference. But being without a ‘view’ is what she does not accept. So, she decides to stand “between the smiling sun and the cajoling river”. There she stands, once she may “buy a breeze” facing walls, that are mirrored like light.

Title: àz zehdâne mâdàràm tâ bâbe tàmsilât
Author: Robab Moheb – –
Translated by: –
Illustrated by: –
Language: Farsi
Imprint: IOPG
Series: –
ISBN13: 978-91-86131-05-0
ISBN10: 91-86131-05-2
Publication Date: 2016-01-03
Paperback Price: 2,85 – USD /2,35  – EUR /2,36  – GBP
Book Type: paperback
Page Count: 168

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