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Àmir-Àrsàlân-Ibn Màlàkshâh Roumi

Minoo Nossrat – – Robab Moheb

“Àmir-Àrsàlân-Ibn Màlàkshâh Roumi” a prose romance of the genre dastanha-ye ?ammiana, “popular tales.” The story was composed by Mirza Mo?ammad ?Ali Naqib-al-mamalek, the naqqal-baši or chief storyteller of Na?er-al-din Shah (r. 1264-1313/1848-96). According to D. ?A. K. Mo?ayyer-al-mamalek (Ya?ma 8, 1334 Š./1955, pp. 554-56), Turan A?a Fa?r-al-dawla, daughter of Na?er-al-din Shah, wrote down the story of Amir Arsalan, as the naqqaš-baši related it in the evenings to help the monarch fall asleep. The oldest manuscript is dated 1305/1887-88, which is close to the actual completion of the story (Amir Arsalan, ed. Ma?jub, intro. p. 65) [ENCYCLOPÆDIA IRANICA].

The book was first published in 1317 (1900) and 1318 (1901) by Soheili Khansari in the form of lithographs in seven hundred pages. In 1340 (1923), the book was reprinted in pocket format with an introduction by Dr. Mohammad Jafar Mahjoub. This new edition, published by Iran Open Publishing, is based on the original manuscript of 1317 by Seyed Hossein Hossein Al-Shohahani, and contains the complete original seven volumes, in the style of conventional writing during the Qajar period.

Title: Àmir-Àrsàlân-Ibn Màlàkshâh Roumi
Author: Minoo Nossrat – – Robab Moheb
Translated by: –
Illustrated by: –
Language: Farsi
Imprint: IOPG
Series: –
ISBN13: 978-91-7637-570-9
ISBN10: 8-91-7637-570-4
Publication Date: 2020-05-15
Paperback Price: 5,58 – USD /4,87  – EUR /4,63  – GBP
Book Type: hardcover
Page Count: 480

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