– Sat 4/19, 9am(MT) UNCRadio.com

Catch the NEW episode of Dave’s Gone By (#466 – “It Occurz to Me”) – LIVE, this Saturday, April 19, 9am-noon(MT)/11-2(Eastern) streaming on UNC Radio (www.uncradio.com).

Featuring: Peter Fitzgerald chats with playwright & novelist DANIEL CURZON. Plus: Inside Broadway (NYC reviews), Saturday Segues (Iggy Pop), Dylan – Sooner & Later (Plagues pt. 2), more!

Says gay icon Peter Fitzgerald about this week’s show, “In a parallel universe, I would have written plays with titles like, `Meter Maids in Flames,’ `1001 Nights in the House of Pancakes” and `A History of Really, Really Bad Ideas,’ but in this universe, Daniel Curzon beat me to it. He was also friends with Christopher Isherwood and sued a teenager over a website, so in those aspects, too, I trail behind. But that’s okay, since I’ve trailed behinds
all my life.”
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The Karel Show Podcast KGO 810
– August 17, 8pm, www.kgoradio.com

San Francisco Author Daniel Curzon joins Karel to talk about LBGT issues. He’ll be at The Commonwealth Club on Thursday, August 21. Singer Sharon Jones joins Karel to talk about the music industry and her upcoming show on Friday, August 22, at The Mountain Winery in Saratoga.
Here the interview podcast to hear >>>

Big Book of Gay Etiquette & More on Read My Lips Radio with Bonnie D. Graham
– Tuesday at 1:00 am
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