Laleh Chini

LALEH CHINI is a mother of two children, Amir and Abnoos, and wife to her husband Mohammad. Laleh was born in Iran, Shiraz in 1968. After the loss of her father, Laleh began a new life when she moved to Washington D.C at the age of 16. She got married in 1987 and eventually moved to Toronto, Canada where she still lives today. Laleh has always loved writing. She began pursuing her passion by writing Newspaper articles for ‘Khabar Newspaper’ in Shiraz. In 2011, Laleh began writing her mother’s story with her daughter, Abnoos who was 15 at the time. In 2017, Laleh started “AVoiceFromIran” blog as a platform to share her stories and continue her passion of writing.

Climbing Over Grit

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