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Wisehouse worldwide caters to start-ups, small and medium size publishers (SMPs) with publishing platforms integrating editorial, production and worldwide distribution. With the power of our global publish on demand engines we enable established SMPs and those entrepreneurs who want to start an SMP to produce in most cost effective way to produce, publish and distribute. Our partner SMPs enjoy the same privileges of an open publishing and our high performance quality processes as Wisehouse’s own brands.

At an optimum of quality our Co-ISBN and Imprint programs are of the most cost effective and outperforming platforms for publishers from all around the world, producing books of different genres and formats; in different languages and cultures, distributed regionally and worldwide.

The Difference compared to traditional publishing:
up to 80% reduction of costs while increasing to optimum publishing quality.

Avoidance of physical stocks and no storage costs
Direct access to regional and global multichannel distribution, no local distribution costs
One time low production costs but unlimited print and distribution access
Efficient and rational work processes at the service of the publishers
and more…

Compared to traditional publishing, the publisher gets released from the heavy engineering of all production and distribution machinery, at cutting edge and extremely competitive prices. This allows publishers all around the world to dedicate their time and resources exclusively to their core business of leveraging quality of content, attracting author talents and marketing.

We publish world wide with access to the most comprehensive bookselling channel in the industry via hubs in US, UK, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Australia, including distribution partners Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Gardners and Bertrams.

Contact for Publishers (SMPs and entrepreneurs): info(AT)wisehouse-publishing(DOT)com


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