Poets Can't Sing

by Sherman Smith

“Suddenly you are transported to post WWII San Francisco. A vague presence of eucalyptus and mist fill your mind. A sensory overload for the returning service men and woman. All are wounded in some way. All are seeking to heal. You are drawn into this extraordinary story of ordinary people seeking redemption. It’s about how they fail and how they triumph. You are cheering for the good guys and jeering the villains. You pick up this story and you won’t be able to put it down.” – Geoff, Geoffrey F. Hughes, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Review by Carrie Ann Lahain

“POETS CAN’T SING is an absorbing and emotional work of literary-historical fiction.”

“POETS CAN’T SING is an engrossing and entertaining read. Set in post WWII San Francisco, a motley collection of vivid characters, with three wounded veterans and a caring nurse at the core, are caught up in a series of dangerous misadventures and life-threatening challenges. Greed and cruelty block the way. Of what use, then, are love and compassion?” – Bill Bowler, Coordinating Editor, Bewildering Stories

“A great historical novel has the intangible ability to allow the reader to experience that past time and place with endurable characters that make the story live. Smith has created a sensitive timescale mixing music and emotion as healing elements in helping men and women forget the bitterness of war and move on to better times. The author has done a masterful job.” – A. Covo, Colorado, USA

“Poets Can’t Sing is a story that will suck you in, consume you page after page… then let you out the other side both enter¬tained and wanting more.” – Kent June, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Poets Can’t Sing

by Sherman Smith

ISBN 978-91-87751-90-5

320 pages (5 x 8 Perfect Bound on Creme w/Gloss Lam)

Now international available at all major online and street bookstores.

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