Who are we?
Wisehouse is an International Publishing House, publishing worldwide with access to the most comprehensive bookselling channel in the industry via hubs in US, UK, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Australia, and including distribution partners Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Gardners and Bertrams for print and Apple, Anobil, Baker & Taylor, Kobo, Barnes & Nobel, Txtr, BookShout, Amazon, GoSpoken, Gardners a.o. for ebooks.

Whom do we cater?
Wisehouse caters authors, editorials as well as small independent publishers and entrepreneurs in the publishing sector.

Do we provide a self-publishing platform to authors?
No. Wisehouse does not support self-publishing practice and applies through all its editorials a diligent review and strict selection process. This process follows a stringent editorial line, aligned with portfolio strategy of the editorials.

How do we cater authors?
Wisehouse has different editorial lines for literature, fiction and non-fiction, world languages, academic publishing etc. Authors are catered and their work published via the editorial lines in a traditional professional way, and dependent on their genre and specific needs. All title submissions are subject to a very strict editorial selection process.

Who publishes the books?
All editorial lines publish their titles via the Wisehouse publishing platform and enjoy the same world wide publishing and distribution service.

Who pays royalties?
All transactions including royalty payments are done via Wisehouse publishing platform. We have established a transparent and auditable reporting system with our distribution partners, to ensure a transparent sales compensation reporting.

In which form do you publish?
We publish in plenty paper formats, ebook formats vs. all major devices, and we publish for some projects via web.

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